My IMDb Lists

Here are the lists that I’ve created on IMDb, with most of them being movie-related:

My Favorite Films

My Favorite Action Films

My Favorite Adventure Films

My Favorite Comedy Films

My Favorite Crime Films

My Favorite Horror Films

My Favorite Pre-Code Films

My Favorite Science-Fiction Films

My Favorite Silent Films

My Favorite Thriller Films

My Favorite War Films

My Favorite Western Films

My Favorite Movie Military Battle/Combat Scenes

My Favorite Movie Shootouts

My Favorite Film Villains (with a strong bias towards the action genre)

My Favorite Film Scores for the Action, Adventure, Crime, War, and Western Genres

Greatest Tough Guy Actors

Entry-Level Cinema (Accessible, Entertaining/Engaging “Gateway” Movies to Dive Into the World of Great Movies With)

Excellent (or Better) Films with Excellent (or Better) Action Scenes

My Favorite Classic Rock Artists (not movie-related)

My Favorite Video Games (not movie-related)

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