Taken 3 (2014) Review

Director: Olivier Megaton

Genre(s): Action, Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 108 minutes (standard version), 114 minutes (unrated version)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (standard version), Not Rated (unrated version)

IMDb Page

It’s hard to go wrong with thrillers starring Liam Neeson, but Taken 3 comes fairly close. This entry is very much the weakest of the action film trilogy, but it’s still better than many flicks I’ve had to put up with. In a The Fugitive (1993)-esque fashion, former government agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is framed for the murder of a family member and has to find the true killer while dodging the law. You could say the Taken franchise is starting to run out of steam.

Taken 3 is, of course, an action movie, so how does the physical chaos stand up? Well, it’s a mixed bag for sure in this department. Some of the action scenes are edited in a way that makes them almost incomprehensible. Good luck trying to follow the car chase. There’s also the, uh, iconic fence-climbing scene, where Neeson scrambling over a chain-link fence is shown from approximately two thousand different angles in a few seconds (do a YouTube search for “Taken 3” and “Taken 3 fence” will pop up as one of the first suggestions). Fortunately, the action does get more coherent (in terms of editing and cinematography) as the picture progresses.

While the plot does borrow from the aforementioned masterpiece The Fugitive, I think that this one is competent enough in terms of story. Sure, nobody really gets taken (despite the title), but I like a picture about an innocent man being hunted for crimes he didn’t commit. Yeah, the action sequences are all over the place, but the storytelling is satisfactorily engaging.

I’ll be honest: Liam Neeson is just about the only thing that makes Taken 3 worth watching. Without him, it would feel like a forgettable direct-to-video movie or something. Despite a handful of ridiculous moments and some hard-to-follow action, I’ll give this flick a passing grade. I’ve seen much worse, and seeing Neeson beat up people is too hard to pass up. Still, if you’re on the pickier side when it comes to your actioners, you’d probably be better off watching the original Taken (2008) again.

My rating is 7 outta 10.

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